Scheduling and Fees


Private judge and special master appointments are adjudicative procedures and, accordingly, require that the appointed judge/special master, even in preliminary stages of the engagement, be shielded from ex parte communications.  Accordingly, if you are considering either of these appointments or arbitration, please work through administrative staff by reaching out to or at (303) 209-9355.

Because mediation is a voluntary, non-adjudicative process and communications with the mediator are encouraged as part of the process of coming to understand issues, positions and the suitability of the selection of a mediator, mediations can be scheduled by contacting Jean directly at or through her administrative staff at


Fees are generally based on time spent.  There are NO administrative fees, set-up fees or cancellation fees.

Until October 31, 2020, on-line mediations will be charged at $250 per hour; retainers for these mediations will be reduced accordingly.

Mediation rate: $325 per hour, including study time and assisting with drafting of agreements, if desired.

Adjudication such as arbitration, appointed judge, special master assignments: $350 per hour, including study time.

Rates for other services depend on a variety of factors; contact us to discuss.  


There is no charge for travel within 50 miles. Travel beyond 50 miles is charged at prevailing IRS rates.

Meals and overnight accommodations are charged at actual cost.